They sacrificed their sons and their daughters to idols

They sacrificed their sons and their daughters to idols

Almost all Christians look up to what is great, and they want their children to become great in the world. But this is not what God wants for us!

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They sacrificed their sons and their daughters to idols

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They offered their own sons and daughters as sacrifices to the idols of Canaan.” Psalm 106:37 (GNT). This has been written as a warning to us, so that we do not do the same.

An idol called ‘Worldly Greatness’

There is an idol called: Worldly Greatness. This is a god that is worshipped by almost everyone, both by the worldly and the religious, the rich and the poor. Almost all Christians look up to what is great, and they want their children to be highly educated so that they can become great in the world, even at the cost of their Christian faith. And once they have been sacrificed to this idol, their parents never get them back.

Abraham offered his son according to God’s will, but today people are offering their children according to their own will, according to what people look up to and admire. The children of Israel sacrificed their sons and daughters to idols (Psalm 106:37), and the same thing has been done throughout the ages. People are willing to do everything so their children can become great in this world. But Jesus said: “My kingdom is not of this world.”

The greatness of knowing Christ Jesus

To become great, they must fill their brains with worldly knowledge, and for this everything is sacrificed on the idol’s altar. But Paul says, “Those things were important to me, but now I think they are worth nothing because of Christ. Not only those things, but I think that all things are worth nothing compared with the greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. Because of him, I have lost all those things, and now I know they are worthless trash. This allows me to have Christ and to belong to him.” Philippians 3:7-8 (NCV).

Even in many religious assemblies, one can only be a pastor after having studied for a long time. But if we know God, we speak words of God without needing earthly diplomas. The wise of this world, on the other hand, are very slow in learning to know God by faith. Their own knowledge clings to them, and they are constantly comparing worldly wisdom (which is empty deceit) and God’s wisdom, which will be revealed in its time to rule over all rulers and powers.

Let us sacrifice our sons and daughters to the Lord, for this is true godliness. Let us teach them what God considers great so that they can please Him. Let us offer them to Him who is Head over all rulers and powers, then we will get them back for ever.

Pray for eye salve so you are able to see

Pray to God for eye salve so you are able to see, because if you look at any religious paper (it really does not matter which one), you will notice that they admire worldly greatness, even if they don’t say it right away. Leaders of religious assemblies are constantly being inspired by worldly greatness and the people want it that way. For them God is to be united with the world. No matter how God-fearing those who are lowly and poor may be, even if their knowledge of God is very great, they are still seen as lower than the others.

But in God’s eyes they are fit to serve as “priests” before God. Ezekiel 44. They are full of the fear and love of God, and they love His holy people. They have not been sacrificed to idols, but they have been sacrificed to the living God through Jesus Christ our Lord, and they will live forever. But those that worship idols will be lost forever.

Little children, keep yourselves from idols.” 1 John 5:21.

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This article is based on an article by Johan O. Smith which first appeared under the title “De ofret sine sønner og døtre til maktene” (“They even sacrificed their sons and daughters to demons”) in BCC’s periodical "Skjulte Skatter" (Hidden Treasures) in August 1933. It has been translated from the Norwegian and is adapted with permission for use on this website. © Copyright Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag