How the Bible can help me in my daily challenges

How the Bible can help me in my daily challenges

How can the Bible help me in my situations today?

08/12/20235 min

By ActiveChristianity

How the Bible can help me in my daily challenges

Life is challenging. Every day there are lots of decisions to make. Sometimes unexpected things happen, like sickness, money problems, a loved one dies.

Society is always changing, with new things coming up all the time. As a Christian living in this changing world, I know that I can turn to the Bible for true help and guidance.

In God’s Word, I find comfort in times of sorrow, encouragement when I want to give up, and correction and instruction to find my way and do God’s will in the situations He sends upon my way. The promises in His Word free me from feelings of fear and unhappiness if I believe them with all my heart. There are many verses that bring me peace in the midst of confusing thoughts and uncertain situations.

I experience God’s blessing when I obey His Word and do as King David says in Psalm 119:93 (CEV): “I won't ever forget your teachings, because you give me new life when I follow them.” 

Examples of faith

There are many stories and examples in the Bible that I can learn from. When I am tempted to doubt God’s love and His plan for me, I look to Abraham, who is described as the father of faith (Romans 4:11). He kept his faith and received God’s great promises. When I choose to believe, no matter how I feel or how difficult the situations may look, I get peace and hope instead of becoming worried and scared.

When I want to do my own will instead of serving the others in some way, I think of how the Apostle Paul worked all the time to spread the gospel. He was stoned, beaten, and thrown in prison, but in everything he was glad and wrote of a full and happy life. I also get joy when I overcome my selfishness by obeying this verse in Philippians 2:4: “Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.”

Examples of boldness

When I see that I am afraid of people and what they think of me, I read how Jesus was full of zeal and love for God. He boldly exposed the hypocrisy of the scribes and Pharisees, who were the religious leaders at the time. (Matthew 23.) Another time, He broke tradition and healed a man on the Sabbath even though the scribes and Pharisees were watching and plotting against Him. (Luke 6:6-11.)

Jesus, who was tempted in all things just as you and I, never gave in to fear or worrying what the others thought of him. (Hebrews 4:15.) He obeyed God’s voice, spoke the truth and did what was right. Following His example is the way to become free!

Examples of purity

When I’m not sure how to dress or interact with members of the opposite sex, there are verses about this also. We have to be modest in our behaviour (1 Timothy 2:9), and flirting, whether one is married or single, is not fitting at all. (Proverbs 31:30.) A romantic relationship with someone I don’t intend to marry and a sexual relationship before marriage are totally unacceptable, as it says in Ephesians 5:3 (NLT), “Let there be no sexual immorality, impurity, or greed among you. Such sins have no place among God's people.

Following these clear guidelines can spare us from causing damage to ourselves, others and our relationship with God.

Read God’s Word

Sometimes questions come up like how to take care of finances or how to treat someone. When I pray and read in God’s Word, I find answers.

Time used to read and listen to God’s Word is very precious! The verses I need in a situation come back to my mind at the exact moment when I need it. Then I sense that God is with me and wants me to succeed in choosing the good. My connection with God and His Word becomes stronger through prayer and obedience to what is right. God’s Word is a great help to live an overcoming and happy Christian life.

"Keep their words in mind forever as though you had them tied around your neck. They will guide you when you walk. They will guard you when you sleep. They will speak to you when you are awake." Proverbs 6:22 (NCV). One simple word of God at the right time is extremely valuable!

Most importantly, God's Word helps me to see the sin that is living in my human nature. This anger, pride, jealousy etc that lives in me, is what makes me unhappy. It isn't other people or circumstances that are the problem. The problem is these sins that are in my own human nature.  

Jesus, who is our Master and example, overcame in every temptation when He was tempted, by using God’s Word. If we follow Him, then we also overcome when we are tempted to anger and pride and all other sins. The result is a happy life, where we are free from the burden of sin and are able to do the good!

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