A sickness that became a life-changing wake-up call

A sickness that became a life-changing wake-up call

My life was changed in so many ways – and not the way you would expect.

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By ActiveChristianity

A sickness that became a life-changing wake-up call

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Over the past year, I had been feeling a slowness in the left side of my body, as well as back pain. I had gone to a lot of doctors, but no one understood exactly what was going on with my body.

Then one day I had a massive seizure. Thankfully, I wasn’t driving. I had stopped at a garage. I remember, I felt a strange feeling run up my arm. I tried to call for help, but no sound came out of my mouth. The last thing I remember was a young man running towards me. It was terrifying!

That day was May 6, 2017. From that day on, my life and the life of my family changed forever!

My wife was waiting for me in the hospital when I came to. She held me and we cried. We prayed together and the spirit of thankfulness surrounded us. This is the day the Lord has made … even this day. Shortly after that, we received the news that I had a brain tumour, cancer.

Storming heaven with prayer

I was worried. I wanted the tumour out! I wanted to go back to work; go back to life how it was. I started to pray … to storm heaven! I couldn’t get enough of God’s Word and other spiritual nourishment. Physically, I was a strong man, but inwardly I was afraid. I started to “battle” like never before! Thoughts of unbelief, doubt and feeling sorry for myself – they all had to go! The chains that bound me to these thoughts started to loosen and break. I battled on! At times I could hear heaven cheering me on! The night before the operation, it was all out “war”. My wife and I prayed together. I fell asleep listening to her reading to me out of the Psalms and Isaiah.

The doctor had hoped that my tumour hadn’t spread, but unfortunately it had. He was unable to remove all of it. This was very hard on my family. I was still in the operating room when they got the news. They immediately prayed and thanked God that I made it through the operation. My wife took the children out to the hospital’s garden. They sat there and just cried. And God was there with them and He was their comfort. After the operation it was clear that the left side of my body had been temporarily paralysed.

Healing from brain surgery and going through therapy afterwards was faith strengthening. There was nothing of “me” left; I had to rely only on God! I started to taste victory. At times it was like I could physically touch God. I’ve never experienced that in the whole of my life!

When we found out about the cancer, it became clear to me that it wasn’t the cancer I was up against, it was the spirit of unbelief and doubt. God could take away the cancer immediately if He chose to. It doesn’t matter what was physically going on in my body, spiritually I would be an overcomer! This is an opportunity to overcome sin in my life and make progress on the way of salvation! I can say, yes, I am being held and renewed day by day.

Shortly after I heard I had cancer, one of the elder brothers of Brunstad Christian Church asked if he could pray over me. The night before my family and I were going to pray with him, all the spirits of unbelief, doubt and fear came upon me. I was physically sick! I spent the whole night in battle! By morning my body was weak and my spirit was worn out. As I walked into the room where the brother was, all those spirits immediately disappeared! He placed his hand on me and said, “Satan has no more hold over you!” We then had a powerful time of prayer! From that point forward, I have never looked back!

“Just today”

I am just now finishing up the first round of treatment. Six weeks of chemotherapy and radiation. I continue to press into God’s Word! The love I’ve experienced for the others is amazing! Throughout my life I’ve always felt like I didn’t have much to give. And now through this trial, I do! Am I thankful for this trial? Yes! I wouldn’t have made this progress on my own – wouldn’t have been become free from sin to this degree. Never! God loves me very much! He had to give me a little push. Wake up!

People have often asked me if I have a list of things I still want to do. My heart’s desire is to be with my friends and my family. “Just today” is my motto. Honestly, I don’t feel like I’m going to die anytime soon. But when it is my time, I will finish my race full of thankfulness for what God has done in my life! No doubt. No unbelief. Only victory!

Leaving my family would be a sorrow. The thought of it hurts. I take each moment to listen to my wife and children and encourage them. Give them that extra hug. Tell them I love them. But the most important thing is to be an example! An overcomer! I recently told my wife, “Don’t be afraid of the future of our children. We received them in faith. They have a calling over their life! God is faithful and true! We have prayed for our children before they were born, and we’ll continue to pray for them straight into the kingdom of heaven! So, if it’s God’s will to take me, do not fear for our children’s future!” I’ll be right alongside her praying! What a comfort!

Have I changed in the last few months? Yes! Thankfully! I have overcome sin like never before! I am watchful! I strengthen myself with God’s Word and He helps me! All the things of this world are so dull. There is no time to waste! Before, I was a man who was good by nature and physically strong, satisfied with who I was. Thanks and praise be to God that He didn’t allow me to stay the same!

Through this experience, I’ve only seen God’s goodness! He has made me free! It’s like I’ve been awakened from the dead to live wholeheartedly! I have something to fight for! To run this race like never before! (1 Corinthians 9:24.) I stand on God’s Word, and His Word alone! Choose today to be an overcomer! If you fall, get back up! God is for you!

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This article is based on an article by Wayne Dixon originally published on https://activechristianity.org/ and has been adapted with permission for use on this website.