What about me?

What about me?

Am I doing the same things that I criticise others for?

06/11/20233 min

By ActiveChristianity

What about me?

It is so easy to have critical thoughts and comments about other people and about what they do. But what about me? Am I doing the same things that I criticise others for doing?

In the Bible, the apostle Paul wrote to Timothy, a young man who wanted to serve God wholeheartedly. Paul wrote that Timothy should focus on his own development and on the doctrine and continue in that, and by doing this he would save both himself and those who hear him. (1 Timothy 4:16.)

I can only do something about my own life

This must mean that Paul saw how people so easily judge and criticise others. That is why Paul tells Timothy to focus on what he could actually do something about, and that is his own life, his own thoughts, and his own choices! And he could only do this if he would obey God’s Word and live how God wanted him to live.

Paul and Timothy, who lived almost 2000 years ago, had the same kinds of temptations we have today – temptations to criticise and point the finger, especially towards people who bear responsibility for things we know very little about. Think how good it would be if all the energy that people use to criticise and judge other people, could instead be used to do something good, say something good, encourage, strengthen and pray for others!

Grab the opportunity!

Maybe you ask: Is it possible to live like that? I’m just human. If you had asked Paul, I think you would have been given the same advice Timothy got: focus on your own development and on God’s Word. Ask God for power to overcome all your own sinful human habits and negative thoughts.

Paul believed and experienced that God’s Word had the power to change his life and way of thinking so that he became completely renewed in his mind. In that way he could live in peace with God and His Word. He could focus on his own life every day and find new areas where he could grow to become more and more like Jesus.

We also have these possibilities today! Will you grab the opportunity?

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