The spiritual centre of gravity

The spiritual centre of gravity

What are your thoughts attracted to throughout the day?

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By ActiveChristianity

The spiritual centre of gravity

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Your centrum gravitatis

Every ship has a specific place called the centrum gravitatis (centre of gravity). Even if the ship is “pitching and rolling”, this point remains stable. If you want to avoid getting seasick, move as close to that point as possible. Although it moves together with the ship through the water, that point does not move in relation to the ship.

It is the same in the spiritual. If you want to avoid being thrown around and suffering misery in body and mind, then seek the “centre”, where you can find God’s rest. This centre is in Christ Jesus. In the circumstances of life, we are like ships that are tossed back and forth by the waves. One moment we are lifted up, the next we are sent crashing down. Yet the centrum gravitatis remains sure and steady, though the rest of the ship rolls in the heavy waves.

A person who loves money has his “centre of gravity” in his money. Everything that he does is motivated by his desire for money, money and even more money. But since his financial situation is constantly changing, he must follow along with all of its ups and downs. Likewise, the life of vain people is taken up by fashion. When the fashion changes, they follow. They love everything that is stylish, and they dislike anything that is unfashionable, plain or simple. All this running around to get good things for yourself means your centre of gravity is in outward things.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21.

Those who believe and allow themselves to be freed from these things that bind them, receive wisdom as their centre of gravity, and they will be bound to wisdom—bound to Christ. At wisdom’s centre of gravity there is no worry at all. It is completely still and peaceful and stable. But the further we move away from wisdom, the more worry and unrest there is, the more disappointments, irritations and other unpleasant things you have. In the centre of wisdom these things no longer exist.

What a glorious centre: God’s wisdom and power! Blessed are all those who come to the rest found in this “law of gravity”, where each one has all of his fountains in Him. Everything will be given to them.

Where is your centre of gravity?  What are your thoughts occupied with?

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