You’ll by faith succeed!

You’ll by faith succeed!

SONG: This is especially for you who are tempted to be discouraged!

08/07/20202 min

Lyrics by Gjertrud Stenbrenden

Sung by BCC France and Cameroon

Melody by Sigurd Lunde

You’ll by faith succeed!

Christian song about hope

This uplifting Christian song about hope is a reminder to us that even if it hasn’t yet succeeded for us in our battle against sin, we can hold on to our hope that it will succeed – by faith! Don’t give in to discouragement! Never lose hope!

This music video is a collaboration between members of Brunstad Christian Church from France, Cameroon and Congo, and they are singing song #469 in French from the family songbook Almond Blossom.


In faith and Spirit we’re now strengthened,
And discouragement has been bound.
We are filled with the Spirit and with courage,
And we will fight so that no one steals our crown.

O what does Hope say? Can you hear it?
Hope proclaims: “You’ll by faith succeed!”
You by faith can o’ercome through the Spirit
And be a blessing in word and in deed!

We can rejoice in tribulations,
We’ll gain glory through them we know.
We must constantly catch the little foxes;
We need to press on with zeal and forward go!

Truth brings us light – we must embrace it.
Then by faith we ’gainst sin can strive.
In our hearts seeds of truth will then start growing,
And then God’s kingdom will grow within and thrive.

From the BCC family songbook
 Almond Blossom #469
©Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag |
Produced by Brunstad Christian Church

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