“Because You say so” - The key that brings results

“Because You say so” - The key that brings results

Do you obey God’s word and His leading even if you don’t understand it? Try it, and you’ll see that it really works!

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“Because You say so” - The key that brings results

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“Simon answered, ‘Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.’ When they had done so, they caught a large number of fish. There were so many that their nets began to break. So they signaled their partners in the other boat to come and help them, and they came and filled both boats so full that they began to sink.” Luke 5:5-7 (NIV).

Simon Peter was a fisherman. They had been out fishing all night, without catching anything. But when Jesus told Simon to let down the nets, Simon chose to believe, and “because You say so” he did what Jesus said – without saying why, maybe, or what if. This simple act of faith brought miraculous results and a fear in the hearts of Simon and the other fishermen, and they left everything behind and became Jesus’ disciples. (Luke 5:8-11.)

Because You say so” is a key, something to hold on to in all of life’s situations. All those who have understood this have become happy and rich in God. They have received God’s wisdom and eternal riches.

Whenever Paul came to a church, he came full of God’s blessing. He was thrown in prison and beaten, and he was in all kinds of trials; but he was always happy and full of courage. (2 Corinthians 6:1-10.) He understood to do the things God told him to do “because You say so”, even if he didn’t understand why - and all things turned out well.

Examples of being obedient “because You say so”

Abraham received a word from the Lord that he should leave his country and people and go to a land that God had prepared for him. Abraham said, “Because You say so” and left, and he was greatly blessed.

We don’t become blessed with all of God’s glory in one single day. God tested Abraham severely to see if he really loved Him and held fast to His word. And Jesus also didn’t have the full content of godly nature from He was born. Only after He had said, “It is finished!” on the cross did He have the full content of godly nature. On earth he grew in God’s wisdom. (Luke 2:52; Colossians 2:9.)

Noah said, “Because You say so”, and built the ark exactly as the Lord had said. He built in faith, because he had never seen such a big boat nor had he ever seen someone drown in water. Year after year he warned the people and told them to come into the ark to be saved, as he continued to build with the greatest care. In the end, he experienced what he had preached and believed, after his faith had been severely tested. He did not let go of the word he had received from the Lord.

The results of being obedient “because You say so”

Blessed are those who have a word from the Lord in the most difficult circumstances of life, and who believe it and hold fast to it and obey it. In Philadelphia, they had seen how important it was to keep God’s word, and Jesus said to them, “I'm coming soon. Hold on to what you have so that no one takes your crown.” Revelation 3:11 (CEB). What they had was God’s word. Everything else is foolishness which we have to let go of and run away from, because the time is short.

The house of our life will remain standing if we hear God’s word and do it, as Jesus says in Matthew 7:24-25. God’s word is eternal, as firm as a rock, and glorious. It changes us into eternal and glorious people who are as firm as a rock for all eternity.

Peter fished all night long and didn’t catch anything. We will also end up in darkness and become discouraged and disappointed if we do what our human understanding and feelings tell us. To get out of this darkness we have to be deeply ashamed of ourselves and admit as Peter did that we are sinners. (Luke 5:8.)

We have been chosen to have a rich and blessed life, and the way to get there is: “Because You say so!” How good it is that we can say, “Because You say so I throw all my cares on You, for You care for me!” Instead of letting ourselves become pressed down by worry and cares about all kinds of things.

The key is: “Because You say so!” – and if you use this key, it will go well in your life and in your ministry!

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This article is based on an article by Aksel J. Smith which first appeared under the title “At Your Word” in BCC’s periodical "Skjulte Skatter" (Hidden Treasures) in July 1966. It has been translated from the Norwegian and is adapted with permission for use on this website.

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